Rethinking the Homepage Experience


For many retailers, homepages have become a desert of unused marketing campagins. We wanted to remove the stigma that had fallen upon the industry and create an experience that showcases the content and promotes brand initiatives. We also wanted to create a design that was flexible, modular and authorable. We did not want the experience to dictate the content, but instead the content to be the driver. We included a lot of personalization to avoid the fatigue that comes from the over saturated marketing experiences. Furthermore, we wanted a device agnostic experience that was just as powerful on desktop and mobile.


After testing and a lot of data analysis we created a hierachy of information architecture. We created modules that could be interchangable but did not compete with each other. In addition, we created an experience that was exploratory and not full of empty content. We wanted the shopping experience to start directly in the homepage. We also wanted to further close the gap between channels and introduced the store experience immediately in the homepage.