Rethinking the Homepage Experience


For many retailers, homepages have become a desert of unused marketing campagins. We wanted to remove the stigma that had fallen upon the industry and create a personalized experience that displays relevant user content and promotes brand initiatives. We also wanted to create a design that was flexible, modular and authorable. We did not want the experience to dictate the content, but personalization and content to be the driver. 


The challenge of this personalized experience was to gather to data and information that was actually relevant to our users. We initially tested with users' past purchases and browsing history but we found that a lot of the data we gathered, was actually not precisely what users were looking for in personalization. Some frequent variants that arose were: shared accounts and browsing history, shopping for someone else and a closed loop based on visually similar items. 

To get a clearer understanding of what our users were looking for and a more defined personalized experience, we injected a quiz module to capture user feedback. These easy incentive questions helped us really capture what the users wanted to see in their personal homepage experience and drove the personalized experience. We balanced personalization with editorial content and considered each module in two different states: new and returning users.


Selected Works